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Dates of pre-enrolment and enrolment

Course 2019-2020

Apply for preregistration

1st resolution

2n resolution




1st Period

from 1st March to 30th June

from 22th to 24th July

2nd Period
(in case of vacancies)

from 25th July to 12nd September

from 2nd to 4th October

Documents to be submitted for filing pre-registration:

  • Certified copy of ID or passport for foreigners.
  • Request pre-registration signed by the person concerned (printing from the web).
  • Curriculum vitae, duly accredited and where you see the qualifications, experience and professional activities.
  • Certified copy of university degree that gives access to the master.
  • The official transcript detailing the grades and, in the case of transcripts issued abroad must indicate the scale of numerical scores. If studies have been completed at the University of Lleida not necessary to present this document as the Secretary of the Centre attached to the application a certified copy of the corresponding transcript.

In the event that the student wishes to apply for recognition of credits, it will be stated in the relevant section of the admission application and must also present the following documentation:

  • The syllabus or table of material issued or published by the individual school.
  • Documents proving the competencies obtained, realitzados training content or the program of courses approved.

All these documents should be send via mail to the following address:

Secretary of the Faculty of Economics and Law.
Universitat de Lleida
C / Jaume II, 73
25001 Lleida (Espanya)

For more information, please consult the rules of pre-registration to masters.


Students of first registration

Those who have completed the pre-registration during the:

  • first period (until 30th June) must complete the registration studies from 22th to 24th July.
  • second period (until 12th September) must enroll from 2nd to 4th October.

The online registration is formalized through automatrícula system. However, you must activate the UdL account.

Once activated the email account of the UDL, and can perform the registration on the dates indicated: and follow the instructions. 

Second enrollment students

1) The student must pass a third of credits enrolled in the academic year. The students not to exceed this minimum, you must have a favorable report of the Committee of the Master to enroll again. 

2) Once within two academic years without the student is enrolled in the master, it is understood he leaves. If you want to re-enroll, you must get a place after performing the corresponding pre-registration. 

Registration will take place from 2nd to 4th October through automatrícula system. Internet access: